At USA Certified Interpreters, LLC, we have a glossary of some terms, jargon, and acronyms used in the translation and interpreting services. The list is composed of the most common terms used in interpretation or translation/transcriptions processes.

With our glossary, we help our clients to understand all the words related to interpretation or translation. This is crucial when it comes to building relationships personally or professionally.

You can also find some instances where certain interpretations vary in a courtroom, hospital, or other scenarios.

We strive to ensure effective communication with all people of different languages so that there is no reason why something would be misunderstood.
  • Certified Translation:  A certified translation contains a clause, which states that an independent party did the translation to the document’s subject matter.
  • Gist Translation:  Machine translation and free translation services offer gist translation. This gives the user an idea of what the text is about. Gist translation can save money for large documents.
  • Ad Hoc Interpreting:  This is the spoken translation between two languages in informal conversations. The conversation can be between two or more people.
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