In the case large translation/transcription projects, I request a down payment, and payment of the balance is due upon the rendition of the interpretation services, or the delivery of the translated documents or transcription.

Small translation projects such as birth certificates,  death certificates, divorce agreements or documents required for investor´s visa requirements and any other documents, must be paid in full at the time you request the service.

You can make your payments by U.S. check or money order via regular mail, or by credit card through PayPal.

Interpretation Service
Includes 1 transmitter with 3 receivers. $300 half-day (up to 4 consecutive hours)
Extra equipment available upon request. $600 full day (up to 8 consecutive hours)
Note: Half-day minimum. Mileage applies. Strict cancellation policy.

Legal Translation Service

Certified Transcription-Translation Service


Additional details:
1. No project work will be started unless the customer has signed and approved the quote in writing via e-mail. Valued repeat customers are kindly asked to simply approve the price quote via e-mail or text.
2. Pre-payment in full is kindly requested for all personal document translations and a down payment is required for new clients.
3. Discounts are available for verified non-profit associations.



Travel Time

Travel time is NOT included in the charges for each assignment. Mileage and travel time may be charged for assignments outside the Montgomery County area.

Start-Up Fee
Within Montgomery County a minimum charge per assignment equivalent to the rate for two hours shall be billed for each assignment or scheduled time.
Outside Montgomery County a minimum charge per assignment equivalent to the rate of 4 hours shall be billed. Time will be computed in 1 hour increments rounded up. Assignments completed prior to the scheduled completion time will be billed the entire time as requested by the service provider.

Appointments lasting less than one working day canceled with less than a 72-hour working day notification for any reason or due to no-show by ANY of the parties will be billed for the total time scheduled, including applicable driving time/mileage and travel costs.

Requests with Less than 24 Hour Notification
Every effort will be made to accommodate last-minute requests for interpreting services; however, applicable rates shall apply and priority will be given to requests made in advance.

Team Interpreters
Sometimes it may be necessary to assign two interpreters for longer cases/assignements. The NAJIT position on team interpreters  suggests the use of 2 interpreters when the assignement will last longer than 3 hours.  Similarly, a team of more than one interpreter may be needed to meet the varying needs of the consumers involved.

Provider is Responsible for Payment