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Monica Cejudo
I'm the managing partner of USA Certified Interpreters LLC.  Our team is comprised of high level, professional people who offer expertise in the legal, medical, technical and business areas.  This allows us to offer you, our client, ​a smooth running project - leading to complete Final Product satisfaction.

All Legal Court Ready Certified Documents as well as Audio/Video Transcription-Translations. Personal Interpretation Services at conferences, court settings, criminal and/or civil trials, including expert witness material.

BILINGUAL MEDIATION:  Facilitators trained in business, the family and psychology, helping find a common language to solve problems.

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President of “Mujeres con Voz” Altruistic organization registered with the Mexican Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Secretaria de Relaciones Exteriores).
Monica Cejudo
Live Conference Interpreting.
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LCI Licensed Court Interpreter

OCA State Office of Court Administration
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I have used Monica for various translation and interpretation needs in the past and intend to do so in the future. She is very easy to get a hold of, responds quickly to emails and phone calls, and most of all, her work is exceptional. She provides a great value in that her work is top notch and is worth every penny. Her translation is top notch and she thinks outside of the box to assist her clients in achieving their goals. Highly recommended.
Joshua ZientekAssociate Attorney at Roach & Mitchell, PLLC
I really admire her awesome charismatic leadership skills and strong personality. Monica has always a tremendous energy which impels any teamgroup to achieve the goal. Her vision and her negotiation ability always open posibilities to drive forward any initiative with business sense. I highly recommend working with her and furthermore to deserve her friendship
Concepción PedrajasGeneral Manager at CIOs Mexicanos
USA Certified Interpreters has interpreters familiar with your area of practice. From civil,criminal or commercial litigation to employment and labor law to immigration law, medical, real state, marketing or financial, USA Certified Interpreters, LLC provides on-time, accurate interpreting services.
  • Conference Interpreting
  • Court Proceedings
  • Arbitration and Mediation
  • Depositions
  • Attorney-Client Consultations
  • Judicial Proceedings

Translation is the process of translating words or text from one language into another in a written form. USA Certified Interpreters strives to provide reliable document translation services of the highest caliber at a competitive price.

​​​We believe that it is our responsibility to assist all English and non-English speakers in receiving the best translation we can deliver as quickly as reasonably possible. The cost depends on the following factors: The subject matter, how technical the job is, how long it will take to translate in addition to the normal translation. Project management in the case of large projects, file preparation, editing, dialect or terminology research, complexity of the issues and specific requirements that the client may add will affect the cost.

Transcription - Translation
​A form in which a speech sound or a foreign written character is represented in written form. ​USA Certified ​transcriptors ​are​ familiar with your area of practice. From ​Transcription of an audio or video format ​to the careful analysis and high repetition of every sentence​, USA Certified Interpreters, LLC provides on-time, accurate​ transcription services.
​What We Deem to be Low to Medium Quality Audio includes: Audios with background noise, cross speech, low-speaking voices that cannot be discerned, poor recording quality, thick accents, ums, stutters and false starts. Also audios with medical or scientific terminology which require research. CURRENT RATES. AUDIO – VIDEO Low Quality Medium Quality High Quality Real Time Body Wire Street/Patrol Car/911 call Interview Room Interrogation Transcriptions We provide flawless text transcripts of interrogative video/audio recordings of police interrogations and courtroom. We are well versed with the nitty gritties of the legal world and can provide exact textual copy of the audio recordings sent to us. Surcharge applies to audio with background noise, cross speech, low-speaking voices that can not be discerned, poor recording quality, thick accents, ums, stutters and false starts. Also audio with medical or scientific terminology which requiere in-depth research.
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